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Bronze Flower Sari

Bronze Flower Sari


A traditional vintage craft blanket sourced in India.

These blankets are called 'Kantha'; which is a Bengali word meaning: patched or old cloth.

Discarded cloth usually from Sari's is upcycled and patchworked into beautiful unique blankets.


The word Kantha also represents the stitch used to embroider the patches together.

A tradition of women sitting together to sew hundreds of small running stitches in simple straight lines or unique geometric designs of their own.


We love these Vintage Kantha as throws on sofas and beds, blankets that travel, picnic rugs, play mats for kids, and elegant wraps worn on walks, beside fires, camping, or at home!


Precious and unique they vary in their vintage condition making them approachable and useable in all kinds of circumstances as well as being machine washable on a cold wash.


Made by human hands and hearts, they are imperfect beautiful, and soulful works of art.

We hope you enjoy them as much as us at home!


All Kantha are washed and reconditioned where needed and are priced by Beauty and Size.

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